Book recommendation #6 – nonlinear optics

The book "Nonlinear optics" by Robert W. Boyd is excellent. One can find essentially everything about nonlinear optics in this book. While this book is not written particularly for chemists (as the nonlinear media is not always consist of molecules), majority of the concepts and treatments are beneficial to chemists. The treatment is a combination … Continue reading Book recommendation #6 – nonlinear optics

Book Recommendation 4 – path integral view of quantum mechanics

The book "Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals" by Feynman and Hibbs gives an excellent introduction to the path-integral view of quantum mechanics. This formulation of quantum mechanics, albeit conceptually equivalent to many other formulations, provides a unique perspective to solve problems. One example is that it builds a natural connection to statistical mechanics. And also … Continue reading Book Recommendation 4 – path integral view of quantum mechanics

Optical properties of laser-dressed matter

We submitted a manuscript titled "optical properties of laser-dressed matter". In it, we introduce a generalized theory for the optical properties of matter driven far from equilibrium by light (i.e. laser-dressed matter), and use it to reveal some striking phenomena of the optical absorption properties of semiconductors driven by non-resonant light. Check it out!