Exact numerical study of electronic decoherence

We (W. Hu, B. Gu, I. Franco) published a paper in J Chem Phys titled "Lessons on electronic decoherence in molecules from exact modeling". In this paper, we use exact numerical methods to investigate the electronic decoherence in molecules and provides answers to several fundamental questions in decoherence study.

APS meeting in LA

I presented our group's recent work on the APS March meeting in Los Angeles including B. Gu, W. Hu, and I. Franco, "Quantifying early-time decoherence dynamics through fluctuations"; B. Gu and I. Franco, "Partial hydrodynamic representation of quantum molecular dynamics" ; B. Gu, A. Garzon, I. Franco, "Optical absorption properties of laser-dressed matter"; R. Carey, L. … Continue reading APS meeting in LA

Generalized electronic decoherence

We publish a paper to J. Phys. Chem. Lett. that generalizes the theory for the electronic decoherence timescale.  The theory offers a rigorous understanding of early time electronic decoherence and revealed that electronic transitions among diabatic states can play an important role in the decoherence dynamics.