Book Recommendation #3

Decoherence is a process where a pure quantum mechanical system (described by a wavefunction) reduces to a statistical mixture of states (described by a density matrix). It is of great relevance for a wide variety of problems in Chemistry and Physics such as quantum-classical transition, relaxation, energy and electron transfer, quantum information and computation. The book “Decoherence: And the Quantum-To-Classical Transition” by Schlosshauer introduces and explains this concept in a very elegant way, that balances math and physical pictures. It is the best book that I have read on decoherence so far.

APS meeting in LA

I presented our group’s recent work on the APS March meeting in Los Angeles including

B. Gu, W. Hu, and I. Franco, “Quantifying early-time decoherence dynamics through fluctuations”;

B. Gu and I. Franco, “Partial hydrodynamic representation of quantum molecular dynamics” ;

B. Gu, A. Garzon, I. Franco, “Optical absorption properties of laser-dressed matter”;

R. Carey, L. Chen, B. Gu and I. Franco, “When can time-dependent currents be reproduced by the Landauer steady-state approximation?”.